Edessa Mobilya

We have justified proud of being the one not imitating but being imitated and followed and also live our experience in 45-year furniture sector together with you. We were carrying on business on 12.000m² area in Bursa Çalı Organized Industrial Zone, but we have added 11000 m² additional building in Bademli. We manufacture acrylic, laminated, UV lac, Acrypet, PVC membrane cabinet doors; laminated, PVC membrane, lacquer doors and office furniture in a total 23000 m² closed area now.

EDESSA which has a great share in domestic market of Turkey contributes to the economy of our country by exporting to about 17 countries. Its professional, expert and experienced staff reaches you by meeting on sale and marketing.

In parallel to the construction sector rapidly growing and renewing itself, our sector has to use, develop and apply these innovations. As EDESSA Mobilya, we have not been satisfied with bringing these innovations to our country and our sector; we have also become a follower of these innovations.

Edessa Mobilya makes its production in a 23.000 m² closed area. The number of monthly production is between 100.000 and 200.000 cabinet doors, 300 module kitchens, 10000 doors and 1000 sets of offices.

Edessa Mobilya exports to Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iran, Syria, Northern Iraq, Algeria, Bulgaria, Greece, TRNC, Belgium, France, Libya, Ukraine, Morocco, Dubai and Germany.


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